I The One The Many Make

A Poem By Master Gear Salvat

I, at last, have reached my goal
And solved the mystery of my soul.
I am that to which Iíve prayed,
That to which Iíve looked for aid.
I am that which I did seek!
I am my own mountain peak!

I upon creation now look
As on a page in my own book.
Now I, the one "the many" make
And substance which from one I take
For all is me, there are not "two"
Creation is myself all through.
All I grant unto myself
I take down from my own shelf.
And give to me the only one
For Iím the Father and the Son.

When I want, I do but see
My wishes coming forth in me.
For Iím the knower and the known,
Ruler, subject and the throne.

The three in one is what I am.
Hell itself is but my dam
Which I did put in my stream
When in a nightmare I did dream
That I was not the only one
Thus by me was pain begun
Which ran its course till I awoke
And found that I with me did joke.

So now that I stand here awake
I, my throne, do wisely take
And rule my kingdom which is me
A master through eternity.

Master Gear Salvat
January 13, 2002
Copyright ©2002, Agasha Temple of Wisdom, Inc.


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